Ranch Homes in Alpharetta are HOT!

Posted by on Jun 2, 2016 in Real Estate Market | No Comments

They are especially hot in the downtown Alpharetta area. Look at these three ranch style homes near the downtown area:




These three homes came on the market at prices that are much higher than they would have been last year and went under contract very quickly!

For example, 81 Denna Place was on the market for 11 days and had multiple offers, 145 Cumming St was on the market for 3 days and 165 Cumming St was on the market for 14 days.

81 Denna St was purchased in January of 2015 for about $187,000 and had multiple offers when renovated and listed for $309,000. Granted, it isn’t exactly a ranch,  but pretty close. The other two homes are located directly on Cumming St. which is a pretty busy road. They are within a 10 minute walk of downtown and the farmers market, shops and restaurants which explains some of it but these prices are far above what any of us could have foreseen just a year or two ago.

What’s Happening Here?

I think what we are seeing here is a couple of things; property close to downtown is forever now going to sell for a premium and the ranch (one story living) is back in style. I also think buyers are shying away from the oversized new construction coming out of the ground everywhere and don’t see the perceived value in those new homes anymore. The feedback we are getting certainly indicates all of that.

Search Ranch Homes in Alpharetta

Want to see what’s available for sale. You can search all the ranch homes for sale in Alpharetta on our main website. There are still quite a few to pick from and the areas near downtown in neighborhoods like Coleridge Forest and Shady Grove are prime for the picking. I think these neighborhoods and the ones like them are going to see quite a bit of appreciation regardless of what happens in the coming months with the possibility of a slowdown in the market.