Market Update for Windward in Alpharetta

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windward_entrance_alpharettaWindward is always one of the best neighborhoods to look to in Alpharetta to get a quick gauge of the market. It’s a large neighborhood with home prices that span the entire range of home prices in Alpharetta and it also has a full amenities package so it offers something for everyone.

Here are Some Quick Stats

  • There are 54 homes for sale in Windward
  • 28 additional homes are under contract.
  • In the last 6 months, 50 homes have sold
  • The median sales price was $480,000
  • The highest sold price was $1,300,000
  • The lowest sold price was $328,000
  • The supply of homes based on 6 months of sales is 6.5 months of inventory

These numbers indicate a very balanced market. It is neither a buyers or a sellers market in Windward but that is a generality that can be a bit misleading. It would be better to say this:

If your home is truly prepared for sale and priced correctly for the market, it is a seller’s market. If your home is not in tip top shape and you are not priced accordingly, it is a buyer’s market. Getting your home prepared for sale is something that we find a lot of homeowners are fairly well adept at ding these days. With all of the HGTV shows, homeowners can really get pretty close to getting the home ready to sell but not entirely. It’s impossible to look at your own home impartially so you really do need a fresh set of eyes to help (read: get a real estate professional to help you). Pricing however is something that very few homeowners can do correctly and the online data available for feee and easily accessible is hardly accurate so it mostly does more harm than good.

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